Bondioli & Sola
Via Abitazione, 11 - Monteveglio (BOLOGNA)

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Autofficina Defendi Guido
Via De Gasperi, 13 Lurano (Bergamo)

"Since we have started to remap with Remapping Service, we had a 30% sales increase. Thanks to the technical and commercial support of Remapping Service we are able to give to our customers high quality and guaranteed remaps..."

Transpolesana Service Di Buniotto Davide
Via Mentana, 28 Vigo di Legnago

"I must admit that, at first, I was a bit skeptical about the fact that my customers would have shown interest in this kind of services. But I had to change idea in few weeks! Thanks to the support and high quality of Remapping Service."

M.G. Service srl
Via Ceccatelli, 28 - Prato

"During the start up I have been really impressed with the technical and commercial support received from Remapping Service. I find out that no past experience in remapping is required. Thanks to the ongoing professional assistance of the Remapping Service staff, today I can offer my customers a new product..."

"I remap my car in a Remapping Service authorized point in Ravenna. One friend of mine suggested me to go there and I am very satisfied with the result. The Sampaoli Riccardo garage workshop (in Classe- Ravenna) offers very professional remaps and what I got is a result (in term of engine performance) better than expected. What I can say? Simply… thaks to all of you! I strongly recommend your services! "

Giovanni Liberato